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Since 2016, Reaching Our Youth – Upstate, Inc. has been expanding in unimaginable ways. Servicing over 150 students, from over 15 Greenville County Schools, R.O.Y.-Upstate has been tutoring, entertaining, educating and providing life skills to children of the community. We believe that all children have the potential to do great things, with guidance from those who understand them.

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Our mission is to build a community center that will allow us the space to continue our After-School program, Summer Program, and “Kids Night Out” events, as our numbers continue to increase.

Our motto

Today. Tomorrow. The Future

Your child is your #1 priority in your life, and having them with us is too. We make sure everyday they learn something new, in a way where they can retain it and use it  for their future. 

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Roy – U
Stands For

R – Reaching

As an organization, it is our aim to stretch our hand to the children of our community, as to connect with them and to help them in ways no one has offered to help them before.

O – Out of the norm

In a world where children are often made to feel that their existence is of less importance than the average human, it is our aim to empower them, to educate them and to invest in them as they will one day be the leaders of tomorrow.

Y – youth development

Each day, we prepare our students to deal with the world and those around them. We put special emphasis on behavior and the importance of learning how to deal with others as well as each other. We also teach them the values of education or obtaining a trade in order to compete with their peers in the future work world.

U – unapologetic

In modern society, children of our community are taught daily, but few are educated. They are disciplined, but few understand how to correct their actions. They are told to listen to us but few of us listen to them. They are taught to respect others but learn very little about others respecting them. Here at Reaching Our Youth Upstate, we believe that children are very important to both the present and future of the world. They aren’t liabilities. They are investments. It’s never our job to tear them down but to always look for opportunities to build them up. And we don’t apologize for that.

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